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Zombie Attack 2 (Android)

Zombie Attack 2 is a very fun game where you will have to wear a hero's meal and stand in the face of the final invasion by the dead neighborhoods. Do you think you are available for what it takes to take on this challenge? Then download the application to prove it.

Zombie Attack 2 is available in a simple game style. You should move through the city and get rid of all the dead neighborhoods who dare to stand on your way during each round. To do this, you should shoot them by clicking on the screen while moving through the viewer using the simple and basic controls available.

Although the idea of the game Zombie Attack 2 may seem simple at first glance, but do not deceive you, staying in it is a real challenge. These dead neighborhoods do not resemble the dead neighborhoods that I knew before. This is because they are living dead people. They're smart. And they all have one goal: to destroy you. Therefore, you will need to sharpen all your skills in order to counter their invasion before it is too late.

In Zombie Attack 2 game, you will find a lot of levels that are getting harder and more fun at the same time. Expose your true metal to these dead neighborhoods and get rid of them once and for all.


Game compatibility: Android 
Game License: Free
Game Size: 7.88 MB

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